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Accessing Your Propane Tank

RockOn™ propane tank covers are easily accessible to your propane provider.  Homeowners and technicians alike can access the propane tank after the RockOn™ propane tank cover has been installed.  Please see below for step-by-step instructions.


Have additional questions about accessing your propane tank cover?  Please call us at 1-800-566-6040.


-Place a long-handled, regular screwdriver next to the tab that goes into the slot on your RockOn™ propane tank cover (Step One).

-Gently lift up on the finger hold while you quickly pull back on the screwdriver against the RockOn™ propane tank cover (Step Two).  This will flex the lid enough to let the tab on the lid come out of the slot in the RockOn™ propane tank cover.

-To replace the lid, set it in the same position as it was originally. Give the lid a quick hit with your fist just above the finger hold to snap the tab back into a locked position.

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