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  • What size propane tank will the rock cover fit?
    RockOn Propane Tank covers are designed to fit 500 gallon tanks or smaller, with a maximum length of 120″ (check the manufacturer’s plate on your tank for the length).
  • What is the size of the tank cover?
    The tank cover is 4 feet wide, 10 feet long, and 45-48 inches tall.
  • Are the covers vented for air flow?
    The RockOn Propane Tank Covers are vented on all four sides on the bottom and also have ventilation in the top for proper air flow.
  • How much do the the covers weigh?
    These sturdy covers still only weigh 170 lbs.
  • How do you attach them to the ground so wind will not affect them moving?
    The covers are anchored into the ground using six 10-inch metal spikes to keep them stationary.
  • How hard is it to install a RockOn Propane Tank Cover? How long does it take to install?
    The RockOn Propane Tank Cover is very easy to install. Most installations can be done in less than an hour.
  • What colors are available?
    We currently offer RockOn Propane Tank Covers in "Darby Canyon," a gray color. You can find examples of the Darby Canyon color in our photo gallery.
  • What type of material is the cover made from?
    The covers are made from a special polymer that will protect against UV light to help prevent fading over time; the cover will last for over 40 years and will not fade, crack, rust, or rot.
  • Will the cover protect the tank and regulator from the snow and freezing?
    Yes. The cover goes over the tank, regulator, and riser pipe for ultimate protection.
  • How much snow can the cover hold?
    The RockOn Propane Tank Cover has recently been tested and found capable of supporting up to 2300 lbs. of snow, or 117 lbs. per sq. ft.! We also have an insulated version for very high elevation snow loads.
  • Do you have to remove the cover to fill the tank with propane?
    No. The rock cover has a convenient lid in the very top for easy and quick access when checking propane levels or when the propane company needs to fill or service your tank.
  • Does the cover have a warranty?
    Yes. The cover carries a 5-year limited warranty against defective material or workmanship. Specific coloration is unique to each item and the product is sold"as-is".
  • What is the return policy?
    If an order is canceled after the item has shipped, the customer will be fiscally responsible for the following: all shipping costs (to and from customer); a 3% credit card fee based on the amount of the original order; and a 5% restocking fee.
  • How are shipping costs calculated?
    Shipping is calculated based on the current shipping rate to the delivery zip code provided.
  • Where are the propane tank covers manufactured?
    RockOn Propane Tank Covers are proudly made in the USA.
  • Will I love my new RockOn Propane Tank Cover?
    Yes you will! Our patented rock covers have been precision designed using feedback from dealers and customers. Our rock covers have been called “A Landscaping Miracle.”
  • Where can I purchase a RockOn Propane Tank Cover?
    Contact us by email or phone (toll free): 1-800-566-6040
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