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Fire Department Connections (“FDC”) and Backflow Covers

We cover FDC and backflow devices of nearly any size.  Typically, large FDC and backflow devices are covered by an insulation blanket.  Unlike our RockOn™ covers, the sun and elements destroy the bags over a six- to eight-year period. These insulation bags cost upwards of $600 to $800 to replace.  Considering the durability of our covers, our product will pay for itself over time!

The RockOn™ cover has an enormous impact on the look of the landscaping and makes the FDCs and backflow devices disappear.  RockOn products are made right here in California and will last 40+ years.  Our covers will not fade, crack, rust, or rot and will protect the insulation blankets so that you will never have to replace them again.

Check out the pictures below to see the RockOn™ covers hiding those unsightly FDC and backflow devices around the community.

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